Crites Theater, Savannah, GA.

Playwright: Annie Baker

Director: Sharon Ott

Set/Projection Designer: Andres Poch

Lighting Designer: Taylor Firth-Brown

Costume Designer: Katelyn Jones

Sound Design: Ryan Sullivan

Stage Manager: Lexi McKay

Photography by Mikaela Baird

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Like how many people you' how many times your life is gonna totally change and then, like, start all over again? And you'll feel like what happened before wasn't real and what's happening now is actually... (she trails off)

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Design Process

The main focus was on how to create the most realistic space for these characters to live in and creating this neutral space where life seems to stop for them and they allowed to pause and reflect.

Prologue Projection

CMT 2-1 4  Final Render.jpg

Design Concept

Projection test on set