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Written by Anne Washburn

Scenic Design by Andrés Poch

Theoretical Design

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My name is agent Seacrest Mr. Simpson, Agent Seacrest FBI Witness Protection. Now there is no reason to fear Sideshow Bob Mr. Simpson; we are relocating you and your family to a houseboat, on Terror River. 

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Costume Design
Act 1
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It was before. Definitely. Where I was. It was people being too sick to turn things off, and the fire department no one left in the fire department. They weren‟t small. 

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Act 2
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One thing I was going to say is that even though we can't decide every decision by quorum, I think we should decide on a category of decision which is decided by quorum. 

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Act 3
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It‟s a funny thing about love and hate; so different, but equally painful. Enough jollity. Wack to berk. Open wide: 

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Design Process

When researching I wanted to find a world that would take the left over structure from a nuclear power plant water tower, and seeing how the architecture would transform over time to finally become a temple in act 3.

Abandoned Plastic Reference

Water Tower Reference

Abandoned Industry Reference

Initial Sketches