Play by Sarah Ruhl

Theoretical Design

Scenic Design by Andrés Poch

Eurydice Elevator
Asset 4.png

Eurydice wants to speak to you. But she can't speak your language anymore. She talks in the language of the dead people now.

Asset 5.png
Asset 4.png

Start walking home. Your wife might be on the road behind you. We make it real nice here. So people want to stick around. 

Asset 5.png
Eurydice Orpheus
Eurydice_Under World.jpg
Design Process

Since the show revolves so much around water I wanted to explore how light interacts with it and how to visually portray the different sounds that water makes. Keeping that energy as the connecting element between the real and the underworld.

Texture Reference

Lighting Reference

Water/Current Reference

Emotional Reference

Concept Development