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Crime and Punishment

Play by Marilyn Campbell and Curt Columbus

Theoretical Design

Scenic Design by Andrés Poch

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My room is extremely small. It’s under the stairs to an upper floor, so the ceilings are low. So low that I can’t really stand up straight. And there is only one small window, so there’s not much light. The building is old, I hear noises all night long. In the summer it is un bear ably hot, in the winter it is un bear ably cold, so no, my room is not “nice” at all.

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I myself have entertained thoughts like that, which is why your article seemed so… familiar to me. On sleepless nights, my heart pounding in my ears, in ecstasy at the thought of my power, I felt just the same way you described. Extraordinary!

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Design Process
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The research for this play was mostly centered around the emotional landscape created inside Raskolnikov's mind. More than exploring each location, the focus was on living this story through his troubled mind. weighed by the guilt of his actions.

Interior Reference

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Emotional Reference

Emotional Reference

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crime_and_punishment 2 3.jpg

Light Reference

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