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JJ Live: 2 Smart Ladies.png

Juke Joint Live

Art Direction by: Andrés Poch

Live Graphics Mixer: Andrés Poch

Executive Producers: Erika E. Wade and Andrés Poch

Show Creator: Erika E. Wade

Live Streamed through Facebook Live

The Juke Joint is a multi-media live show inviting you into the intimate lives of Black folks in America. Live guests, recorded sketches, and interactive segments will open the door to meaningful and sometimes tough conversations, leading with the tone of joy and humor. The show was created in quarantine by writer Erika E. Wade as a response to the Black Lives Matter movement and many protests in honor of Black Americans slain in 2020. The Juke Joint Live discusses every aspect of life as a Black American, from their greatest fears to silliest anecdotes. Live guests, recorded sketches, and interactive segments with a live Zoom audience set this show apart from the rest!


 Season 1, Episodes 1-9

The Juke Joint Live staff, cast, and crew live throughout the United States. So we’ve had to come up with creative solutions to make it look like our actors are in the same room; through blocking, staging, live editing, and special effects during the live show. We wanted to take this time to

Social Media Art Direction

To keep up with the fresh and upbeat pacing of each episode, every episode has its own graphics packet that, not only is the design for the live episode, but it also translates into marketing material for social media. Each episode comes with its own logo, which represents the tone if the episode to come, but also embraces the culture of the Juke Joint itself. Below is a collection of all the logos that have been created for streamed episodes.

All Logos.png
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