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M Butterfly Opera



Play by David Henry Hwang

Theoretical Design

Scenic Design by Andrés Poch

Asset 4.png

Tonight, I've finally learned to tell fantasy from reality. And, knowing the difference, I choose fantasy.

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M Butterfly Death
M Butterfly Jail
M Butterfly Commune
Design Process
M Butterfly Research-1.png

Having Gallimard start the story from jail, I wanted to keep the show as a memory play. Therefore, research centered around how the Chinese world could come into the jail space and highlight the level of fantasy Gallimard lived under.

M Butterfly Research-5.png

Architectural Reference

M Butterfly Research 3-4.png

Emotional Reference

M Butterfly Research-6.png

Cultural Reference

Historic Reference

Cornell Box

Following the teachings from Joseph Cornell, I created a three-dimensional collage using found objects to explore the themes and visual elements from the show. 

M Butterfly Cornell Box.png
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