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A Delicate Ship


Playwright: Anna Ziegler
Director: Jenna Place
Set Designer: Andres Poch
Lighting Designer: Andres Poch

Sound Designer: Jordan Friend
Stage Manager: Paige Washington
Photography by Charlotte La Nasa

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Scenic and lighting designer Andrés Poch makes ingenious use of this garage, turning it into a gorgeously intimate and startingly lifelike playing space. I can’t imagine wanting to see this show anywhere else but the remodeled garage that is Studio 1469. Mixed into this heartfelt play is a testament to theater’s adaptability: a show can take place anywhere with the right intentions, community, and imagination.

- Lucille Rieke, DC Theater Arts

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What if we just hadn’t opened the door? I sometimes get trapped in the loop of that question. To this day, it can take hours to get out of that loop.

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I love being a mother. I didn’t think I would. I didn’t want children. I thought I’d be too afraid of everything.

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