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Giant Slalom

Andy's Summer Playhouse

Directed by: Jenna Place
Written by: Jess Honovich
Scenic Design: Andrés Poch
Lighting Design: Peter Leibold VI

Projections Design: Sean Preston
Sound Design: Leo Grierson
Costume Design: Tori Niemiec
Fight Choreographer: Shoshanah Tarkow

New Hampshire Theatre Award for Best Scenic Design 2023

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You never tried to make one before?
When you were a kid?

I’m not really religious

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Asset 4.png

Oh sorry I just
I have this poster in my room
I got it at Walmart when I was a kid
It’s a poster of a little kitten sitting in a field of flowers and it says
“Always look at the bright side of life”
So I just
I just think about that kitten a lot

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