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Hello, I'm so happy that you've found my website and have decided to dig deeper and see what all of its elements are about. Through my years at SCAD I've always found myself inspired by several things, and have struggled to really put all of these ideas down in one place for me to look back and study. I've used Pinterest, but it doesn't have that "journal feel" to it. Pins just seem to get lost in the chaos of everything, and it doesn't allow the time to sit down and study what it is that is inspiring me. So I think a blog is a better solution because now I have a place to store my thoughts, and I get to share them with other people and see what they feel; and hopefully inspire them too.

So these might seem like a series of random posts about things that inspire me, but if you stick along for the journey maybe we can discover new sources of inspiration and see whats out there in the world to innovate.

Thank you for reading, Andrés Poch.

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