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Someone Else's House

Written and Performed by: Jared Mezzocchi
Director: Margot Bordelon
Art Director: Andrés Poch
Vidco Senior Project Manager: Tori Schuchmann
Production Designer: Sibyl Wickersheimer
Artistic Project Manager: Shoshanah Tarkow
Lighting And Special Effects Designer: Andrew Cissna

Lighting And Special Effects Designer: Peter Leibold VI
Programs & Interface Designer: Greg Mitchell
Sound Designer: Claudia V. Jenkins
Projections & Video Designer / Set Decorator: Mark Williams
Video Effects And Interface Designer: Devin Kinsch
Costume Designer:
Kiana Vincenty

Geffen Playhouse

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I want everyone here to remember that this actually happened to my family. And that this is trauma that lives deep in my brother’s bones. I’m not sensationalizing it. I want to know why this happened.

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The Johnson Family, who, according to found documents in the attic, is the only other family to have ever lived in the house. They built it and passed it through five generations for 173 years until it was auctioned off in 1973.

So, my family is the first Non-Johnson family to move in.

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That just seemed like another weird story, until in California my brother tells me he remembers the bees too... because when he found all those dark eyed portraits, in the attic, he also found a journal. And in that journal, was the story of Edward Johnson.

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