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Two Trains

Play by August Wilson

Theoretical Design

Scenic Design by Andrés Poch

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Memphis enters from the back carrying a newspaper. Memphis is a self made man whose values of hard work, diligence, persistence, and honesty have been consistently challenged by the circumstances of his life. His greatest asset is his impeccable logic.

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I'm gonna open me up a big restaurant right down there on Centre Avenue. I'm gonna need two or three cooks and seven or eight waitresses. I'm gonna fix it up real nice. Gonna put me a jukebox ... fix it so the lights go up and down and everything.

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To create the world for this play I mainly researched photography centered around the Civil Rights Movement Diner Sit Ins. This allowed me to have an accurate representation of the time period, but also see the relevance that diners had during the time. This research led to insight on how to establish, not only a diner, but a Black-owned diner.

Interior Design Reference

2 Trains Running Research 10.20 3.jpg

Historic Reference

Historic Reference

2 Trains Running Research 10.20 1.jpg
2 Trains Running Research 10.20 2.jpg
Interior Research 10.26.jpg

Period Color Reference

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